is a musician +  a visual artist working in print media and sculpture.

Soft geography (after Christo and Jeanne Claude)

Geotextiles are used at glacial tourist attractions and ski resorts. Essentially enormous, reflective blankets, they are put over ice in the summer. In a gesture at once naive, tender, and seemingly futile, their purpose is to slow accelerating glacial melt. Unfathomable at any larger scale than a single ski hill, geotextiles are literally geologic bandages.

These images are speculative installations inspired by the the futility and softness of geotextiles, augmented to the awesome (i.e. awe-inspiring) scale of landworks, and are the basis for larger, on-going projects. 
2022 - ongoing

Speculative photographs created with photographs, Photoshop, and MidJourney


Absconding from urgency

This is a sculpture created from clay, metal, and prints repurposed from other works. To create the prints, I searched the creative commons for photographs of the Athabasca glacier spanning from 1940 to present day. I stitched them together using Photoshop’s image stitch function, which predicts each photo’s most likely neighbour. This created a “speculative” landscape of the glacier, which spans not only distance, but also time. I then printed this image on photolithography plates, and deconstructed the landscape once again by cutting it up and reinstating it into 3D space in this sculpture.
Twenty Inklings, A Broken Double Helix, Absconding from Urgency, 2023

58 x 32 x 29 inches

steel rod, rivets, repurposed UV prints on steel, repurposed UV prints on reclaimed emerald lithography plates, clay, copper


Small trees sway


seires of 3 UV prints on reclaimed lithography plates

30 x 14.5 inches

Created with support from the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Sun sun dog dog


UV print on reclaimed lithography plate

13 x 24 inches

Created with support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. 

As above, so below


rust, Arches paper, ashes, Gator Board, bamboo, polyester cord

part of a group show The mystery of things that increase as they perish with Lauren Chipeur, Eli Horn, and Zoe Koke at shedshows in Austin, Texas.